Guitarist and composer

Guillermo Celano

Come to see the band live on 22th June at the Bimhuis, Amsterdam.

Antimufa Feat. Martin Sued on Bandoneón. CD Presentation, “Grillos”.


The band proudly opens its door to a new family member! Martín Sued, the best contemporary bandoneon player in Argentina, will join Antimufa for this new project.

29 | Antimufa + Martín Sued. Tango Brutal Festival, Netherlands, Herleen.

27 | Antimufa + Martín Sued. Riks Scenen, Norway, Oslo.


Tour CD presentatie!!!

Lili & Marleen (Clean Feed Records)




We will be presenting the CD coming season!!! 2018/19 (More dates to come)


18 january, Bimhuis 

19 january, Plus etage, Baarle Nassau

25 January Jazz Atelier, Austria

26 january De Pletterij, Haarlem

1 february, Molen de Ster, Utrecht

27 september, Paradox, Tilburg

6 october, Inverdan, Zaandam

“This is smart and interesting music. Modern jazz with a very open perspective.
The three artists meet for a wonderful journey through the land of music, touching on a number of musical influences through their compositions, and adding joyous improvisations welcoming other cultures and people and sounds into their idiom. The music is genre-bending, with little tunes and compositions that sound vaguely familiar, as if taken from our common unconscious and reformated into something more modern and exciting.” Stef Gijssels, january 2019 Free jazz Blog (****1/2)

 The sound of the trio is almost like their presence itself, deeply human. Together, they create a unique music world in which we can trip through time amid our own emotions”. Sightsong, Japan, december 2018

“The perpetual challenge of reconciling the embraceable passages with those more abrupt and acerbic is a limitless source of fun and intrigue.”Birth is the worm, Dave Sumner, U.S.A. december 2018.

The new album, which is released by the Portuguese label Clean Feed, elaborates on previous work, but it all sounds more intense, compact and mature.”  Herman Te Loo, JazzFlits sept 2018, NL.


The NEW CD of the band is out!!!!

Wild Man Conspiracy & Chris Cheek “Live at the Bimhuis” (Red Piano Records New York 2018)

WMC Live at the Bimhuis

The Band: Chris Cheek on tenor sax and effects, Gerard Kleijn on trompet, voice and effects, Joost Kesselaar on drums and Guillermo Celano on guitar.


Brighton Fringe Festival (Brighton, UK) – every night from 21 to 27 may.


My Father Held A Gun
Fringe Gold Award winning show My Father Held a Gun:
“When they start telling a story, the audience is listening so quietly that you can hear a pin drop” (**** review Theaterkrant)
“A great show, a hopeful plea for peace” (Het Parool, sept 2017)

We’re performing at Brighton Fringe! Location: Sweet Venues


Guillermo Celano’s Asturian quartet! May 2018

Horacio Garcia al contrabajo, Felix Morales a la bateria y Cesar Latorre al piano.

Miercoles 9 Rubicon, Santander, 21:00
Jueves 10 Cuevano, Pola de Siero, 21:30
Viernes 11 Jazz Filloa, A Coruña, 22:00
Sabado 12 Jazz Cafe, Gijon, 20:00
Domingo 13 La Vida Alegre, Gijon, 14:00


C.B.G on tour may 2018

On tour in Catalunya coming week.
Marc Baggiani me are joining forces once again with Gorka Benitez (tenor sax) to make some original music. We will be playing together in trio setting for the fist time!!!
And a nice gig in 4tet with Guillermo Celano, Luca Tondena, and Dimitri Skidanov
Come check it out!
1 | C.B.G Jamboree, Barcelona – Catalunya
4 | C.B.G feat Luca Tondena (tenor sax) and Dimitri Skidanov (double bass). Big Bang Bar, Barcelona – Catalunya.
5 | C.B.G Sunset, Girona – Catalunya.
6 | C.B.G Contrabaix, Sant Cougat – Catalunya.


 Wild Man Conspiracy march 2018!!!

Foto speellijst
Tuesday 30th january – Masterclass Hochschule für Künste BremenTuesday 30th january – Jazzclub – Bremen – 20.00 h.
Saturday february 17th – Artishock – Soest – 20.30 h.


thursday 15th march – WMC feat. Chris Cheek – Jazz in de Kamer –  Leiden 20.00 h

Friday 16th march – WMC feat. Chris Cheek – De Pletterij – Haarlem 20.30 h.Saturday March  17th – WMC feat. Chris Cheek – LantarenVenster – Rotterdam 20.30h.
Tuesday March  20th – WMC feat. Chris Cheek – Theater ‘t Hof  – Arnhem – 20.30 h.
Friday March  23rd – WMC feat. Chris Cheek – Bimhuis – Amsterdam – 20.30 h.

Sunday june 10th – Roskam Jazz – Brussels – Belgium – 20.00 h. Roskam Jazz



Coming up! October 2017


Photo by Antonio Porcar Cano


October 3rd – WMC Feat. Gorka Benitez – Jimmy Glass Jazzbar – Valencia – Spain – 20.00 h. – Jimmy Glass website

October 6th -WMC Feat. Gorka Benitez – Jamboree Jazzclub – Barcelona – Spain – 20.00 & 22.00 h. – Jamboree

October 3rd – WMC Feat. Gorka Benitez – Jimmy Glass Jazzbar – Valencia – Spain – 20.00 h. – Jimmy Glass website



Yes!!!! We won!!! we got the Golden award with the music/theater play “My Father Held A Gun”!!!

Check the website:

“My Father Held A Gun” winner Amsterdam Fringe Gold Award

Door gepubliceerd 18 september 2017 (Theaterkrant Amsterdam)

De voorstelling My Father Held A Gun van Sahand Sahebdivani, Raphael Rodan, Guillermo Celano en Iman Spaargaren heeft de Amsterdam Fringe Gold Award 2017 gewonnen. Dat werd gisteren bekendgemaakt op de feestelijke afsluiting van het festival dat dit jaar 9000 bezoekers trok.
My Father Held A Gun is een actueel en belangrijk verhaal over de oorlog en het effect daarvan op de mens’, schrijft de jury van veertien professionals uit binnen- en buitenland. ‘De voorstelling heeft een simpele, pure vorm en twee zeer sterke vertellers. Opvallend is de slimme manier waarop het verhaal zich ontvouwt, waarbij de vertellers en de personages inhoudelijk met elkaar verbonden zijn.’ 


Argentinean tour coming up!!!

We are presenting the new CD during the tour! Coming out on Kuai, an Argentinean label.


Michael Moore, Joachim Badenhorst and Natalio Sued on Reeds, Clemens van der Feen on double bass, Marcos Baggiani on drums and me.

CBG una noche en Bimhuis


30 | Celano/Baggiani duo. Kuai Records’ Festival. Roseti. Buenos Aires

28 | Celano/Andrada/Baggiani. L’ecole. Córdoba.

27 | Celano/Andrada/Baggiani. Polaroid. Villa María (Cdba.) Cristian Andrada – db bs

26 | Celano/Baggiani duo. All Free – ciclo de improvisación. Universidad de Rosario (Sta. Fe)


6 | Garvie/Celano/Merlo/Baggiani. Banfield Teatro Ensamble. Province of Buenos Aires

5 | Jodos/Celano/Baggiani. Virasoro Trasnoche. Cdad. de Buenos Aires.

3, 4 | Celano/Delasaleta/Baggiani. Workshop on Improvisation + concert. Mingus Café. Mar del Plata. (Buenos Aires). Martín Delasaleta – db bs

2 | C.B.G CD presentation. Centro Cultural Kirchner, Ciudad de Buenos Aires (AR) Valentín Garvie – tr, Rodrigo Dominguez – t sx, G Celano – gr, Hernán Merlo – db bs, M B – dr


Wild Man Conspiracy

Downbeat (USA) editor’s pick January  2017 (CD “Short Stories”)




The band is clearly centered in the present, taking the listener somewhere completely new. All the material reflects an artistic approach that emphasizes
the importance  of the collective  over individual contributions”…
read the complete review


Guillermo Celano – guitar/effects
Gerard Kleijn – trumpet, flugelhorn, voice, effects
Joost Kesselaar – drums





Joachim Badenhorst: clarinet, bass clarinet, tenor sax and effects

Guillermo Celano: electric guitar

Marcos Baggiani: drums

Our first CD is coming out in 2017!!

Wednesday 23 we are playing at “De Ruimte”!!! Drop by if you are around :)=


New CD is out!!!

We are preparing for the coming tour featuring great tenor saxophonist Chris Cheek (N.Y.C.)

-28 OCT De Tor – Enschede

-29 Oct – Hothouse -Leiden

-30 oct – Concert and Masterclass in Abcoude

-03 NOV – TivoliVredenburg – Utrecht

-05 NOV – Bimhuis – Amsterdam

páginas sueltas web-04

 To buy the CD go to Wild Man Conspiracy

“Short Stories” (Red piano records NY, USA)

The Band: Gerard Kleijn on trompet, voice and effects, Joost Kesselaar on drums and Guillermo Celano on guitar.


 july 2016

Special concert:

Special guest Michael Moore.

C.B.G: Joachim Badenhorst on sax, clarinet and bass clarinet; Guillermo Celano on guitar, Clemens van der Feen on double bass and Marcos Baggiani on drums.

July 1st at 20:30 in Bimhuis, Amsterdam



Hi guys,

I’m happy to announce that the new CD of the band is out by Trytone records (March 2016).

“Les indignés”

Ellery Eskelin on tenor, Guillermo Celano on guitar, Clemens van der Feen on bass and Marcos Baggianion drums.
















Listen to it:

Hereby some recent reviews of the album:

“Les Indignés is so beautifully complex that it could be described in language a sommelier may use. There are moments of wistfulness that sit apart from grooves and occasional free blowing and shredding guitar. Five of the eight compositions are quite lengthy and thus open themselves to the patient development of ideas and alternative directions. Some of the ironies that are baked into the composition titles, play themselves out in the paradoxical paths the music follows. As that sommelier might say, the music breathes with life”.

KARL ACKERMANNmay 2016, All About Jazz.

“A CD that Largely meets all the expectations of a jubilee CD and certainly will be one of the most interesting jazz releases of 2016. The music never loses its heat , impressionistic collective passages are followed by powerful solos”.

Cyriel Pluimakers, Jazzenzo, march 2016.


Check this new and fun project!!!

Pijama and the Patterson

Thanks Claudio and Olga for the video



I’m happy to announce that my new CD

“Erasing Borders” is out by Trytone records.


Joachim Badenhorst on tenor sax and clarinet, me on guitar, Clemens van der Feen on double bass and Marcos Baggiani on drums

Reviews about the album

“Celano spices his cohesive compositions with stylistic quirks, creating intensely melodic and refreshing frameworks for improvisation – a rare gift…”Amsterdamse Chacarera” mixes chacarera with Dutch new jazz – Argentine melancholy and nuevo tango make for a surging apotheosis of dance”…

The Wire. Andy Hamilton, United Kingdom, july 2015

“A volcano that erupts over and over again, mother nature constantly exploding into new forms. Replace the volcano with music and you get the same effect, at least if you listen to CBG: the Celano / Baggiani Group. Erasing Borders is an amalgam of different styles, which are connected by the far-reaching improvisational art of the four performers. Without exaggeration, you may call the C.B.G. a “star line-up”.

JazzNu, Rinus van der Heijden, Nederland, juny 2015

“Erasing Borders is C.B.G.’s  fifth album, and testament to their maturity as a unit”….

Dalston Sound, Tim Owen, United Kingdom, july 2015.

“Impetuous jazz with an statement… Imaginative, with compositions influenced by improv and displaying the individual qualities of the quartet”.

Jazzenzo, Nederlands, june 2015 by Erno Elsinga.

“This is both Argentine and Amsterdam music, that much is clear… “Erasing Borders” is a varied album, with heavy grooves, rough tenor saxophone solos and electronic pedals violence alongside graceful, playful and funny moments”.

Herman te Loo, JazzFlits, Nederland, June 2015.


Finally!! The first CD of the band is out:

Antimufa “New ways of Argentinean music” (Patagonia Records 2015)

Distributed by Xango Music


Click here to buy

Antimufa: Natalio Sued on Clarinet, sax and voice; G.Celano on guitar; Adan Mizrahi on double bass and Marcos Baggiani on drums and percussion.

Hereby some reviews of the album:

“An intelligent album, highly recommended”

All About Jazz, Alberto Bazzurro, april 2015.


“Very tasteful, subtle, danceable and joyfully up”

“1 Track only”, Vera Vingerhoeds, 15 april, 2015.


“The title of the CD New Ways of Argentinean Music is fully realized

JazzNu, Rinus van der Heijden, April 2015


Lily’s déjà vu’s New album is out!!!

“Live in PaRaDoX”

You can only get it Chorcho Records, or ask me and i’ll send it to you. It is our first Digital album, no CD, just a beautiful postcard with a download code.

flyer frente 300dpi

Lily’s déjà vu: Ingrid Laubrock on tenor sax, Guillermo Celano on guitar, Jasper Stadhouders on bass and Marcos Baggiani on Drums


Dear Friends, 

We wanted to share with you Lily’s déjà vu’s upcoming tour in Europe. We hope to see you at the concerts!     All the Best 

January 2015

Sat 17 | JOE FestivalEssen – at 20.00 hs – DE
Sun 18 | Altes Pfanhaus, Köln – at 20.00 hs – DE
Wed 21 | Paradox,Tilburg – at 20.30 hs – NL
Fri 23 | Bimhuis, Amsterdam – at 20.30 hs – NL
Sat 24 | CUBA-Cultur, Münster – at 20.00 hs- DE
Sun 25 | Jazz in Serah, Zaandam – at 16.00 hs – NL


Hi guys,

I want to invite you to some of the concerts that are coming up in november with the C.B.G:

Joachim Badenhorst on tenor sax, clarinet and bass clarinet, Guillermo Celano on guitar, Clemens van der Feen on double bass and Marcos Baggiani on drums. If you are in the area please drop by for some music and some beer (or whisky).

2 november DJS, Dordrecht
15 november at 15.30hrs. London Jazz Festival!!!
 30 november at 17.00hs.  l’Archiduc, Brussel
30 november at 21.30 hs. ‘t Stuk, Leuven

Live at Bimhuis
“From almost unfathomable orgy to peaceful interaction…”
Jan Jasper Tamboer – Het Parool – 12/7/13
Live at Lantaren Venster
“The best jazz composers create the most beautiful music on the spot.”
Tim Sprangers – de Volkskrant – 12 july 2013

CBG 4tet



A new trio has been born and the CD is out!!!!!

If you are searching for something else and would like to move to another planet join us:


Wild Man Conspiracy

“Knots” (Red piano records NY, USA)

The Band: Gerard Kleijn on trompet, voice and effects, Joost Kesselaar on drums and Guillermo Celano on guitar.