C.B.G  (Celano/Baggiani Group):


In 2012 the band has taken a new form and will be working in quartet with  some wonderful musicians: Joachim Badenhorst on tenor sax and clarinet and with Clemens van der Feen on double bass.

I have been working with Marcos Baggiani in this band for ten years now. We have produced 5 Cd’s and it has always been a pleasure and a great experience. We work in this band together with different musicians during the last 7 years  the main core of the band has been Michael Moore on alt sax and clarinet, Gorka Benitez on tenor and flute and Sven Schuster on bass.

In 2011 Ellery Eskelin and Sylvie Courvoisier joined the band for the tour in Holland, it was a magic trip through the galaxy!

We have have gotten through the years a lot of positive reviews and reactions from the audience, you can read some reviews at:

Lily’s déjà vu:

Lily's deja vu

This band started in 2011, it is a different trip working in a band with this guys!

The band: Ingrid Laubrock on saxophones, Guillermo Celano on guitar, Jasper Stadhouders on bass and Marcos Baggiani on drums.Lily’s déjà vu is about images.  In a search for colors Lily creates a space where reality converges with dreams and spirituality, composed material melts with improvisation.
Doors that open us -band and audience altogether- to unexpected places, where everything takes another shape, or smells a bit like that old familiar coffee. Dwelling in the western world, perforating the walls of the spoken language . What is real? Moving music around and aiming  for a raw naked sound the band opens every possibility to create a linking gate connecting our consciousness with the awareness of the universe. Music from another ass.

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Here some of my latest collaborations:



“New ways of Argentinean music”

Natalio Sued on tenor, clarinet and voice, G.Celano on guitar, Adan Mizrahi on double bass and Marcos Baggiani on drums.


Wild Man Conspiracy


“Knots” (ClazzMusic 2014)

The Band: Gerard Kleijn on trompet, voice and effects, Joost Kesselaar on drums and Guillermo Celano on guitar.



Iman Spaargaren Undercurrent


“In the moment” (Eyeman records 2013)

Iman Spaargaren on tenor, Dirk Beets on trompet, G.Celano on guitar, Franz von Chossy on keyword, Cord Heineking on double bass and Jasper van Hulten on drums.


The Tight Jans +2


“Reuze reuze” (Trytone Records 2014)

The band: Tijn Jans drums, compositie; Donald Simoen alt sax; Tobias Nijboer contrabas; Guillermo Celano guitar; Jasiek Mischke spoken word; Kieran Klaassen live electronics


The Voice of Monk

Voice of Monk-70

The voice of Monk with Peppijn van der Sande on voice aims to explore the many facets of the music of the renowned American jazz pianist and composer Thelonious Monk,expand and translate into current musical developments.

Peppijn van der Sande: voice; Iman Spaargaren: Clarinet; Guillermo Celano: Guitar; Stijn de Wit: Double bass and Jurjen Bakker: Drums



During the last years he has been participating in several projects, among which: “Big Grin” with Rodrigo Reijers on bass and Flin van Hemmen drums and voice, Narcissus quartet with Robin Verheyen, Clemens van der Feen, Flin van Hemmen and Josef Dumolin; “Hard shoulder” playing the music of Maurice Horsthuis with Jeffery Bruinsma, Brice Soniano and Marije Nie; Gizmo with Edwin Berg, Phillippe Lemm and Rodrigo Reijers; Stefan Lievestro 6 with Hans van Oosterhout, Harmen Fraanje, Jasper Blom and Mete Erker; Ur with Diego Soifer, Brice Soniano, Franz von Chossy and Pepe Garcia Rodriguez; Wild man conspiracy with Gerard kleijn en Joost Kesselaar; Thelonius 4 with Iman Spaargaren, Jurjen Bakker and Andreas Metzler; Tight Jans with drummer and composer Tijn Jans; Julia Oschewsky and band; Babak Maddah group; Andreas Metzler’s new solutions quartet with Paul van der Feen; Intuit Quintet with Arnold Dooyeweerd, David Fettman and Natalio Sued.