The Music of Guillermo Celano has been reviewed internationally,
hereby some of the reviews of the last years.

Foto guille baño Gijon Blanco y negro

About “Carnet Imaginaire” Challenge Records 2022

Wolfert Brederode – Piano// Joachim Badenhorst – clarinet, bass clarinet & tenor sax// Guillermo Celano – guitar// Marcos Baggiani – drums


“…extraordinary atmospheres in a cozy and enigmatic ambiance with a beautiful cover of the Hymn a l’amour (Edith Piaf).” ***/3

Le Soir by Jean-Claude Vantroyen, Belgium 12 april 2022

“… Elegant melodies peel out of stumbled sequences of beats, great melancholic themes grow out of quiet banter, enigmatic voices murmur and lament, tribal beats seek their way in the diffuse sonic interference fire of manipulated saxophone and manipulated guitars…”

CD of the week at NDR Kultur (DE)-March 2022

“There are eleven musical stories on “Carnet Imaginaire”, each and every one is a gem!”
Jan van Leersum –


About “Fiction and Reality” (Trytone 2020)

Guillermo Celano - Fiction and Reality Cover

“Fiction and Reality” once again shows what a brilliant guitarist Celano is. From finely drawn-out melody lines to nasty improvisations. Celano is a versatile guitarist and composer. Unimpeded by clichés or stuffy frames, he absorbs a variety of music styles and then turns it into a quirky sparkling mixture. Jazz, classical, pop, impro, rock: Celano keeps adding new insights. The album title “Fiction and Reality” is melodious; fiction and reality represent concrete and abstract, which also overlap”.

Jazzenzo, Erno Elsinga, August 2020, NL

…”In this landscape, this world of sound, nothing is as hammock-blissful as it initially seemed. The guitar gets into thin air in its tendon and a light bends and breaks beauty. Celano’s melodiousness, which harvests the heart fibers, is aware of the dissonance between fiction and reality and unleashes reality with Hendrix’s fury”.

Bad Alchemy magazine, Rigobert Dittmann June 2020, Germany.

“A record with far-reaching improvisations, which can not to be described as “free”, but instead show the extensive creative insight and fantasy of the four musicians. Diversity is an asset, based on the deeper intention behind this album: impressions of the most recent trip that Celano made to South America. That makes Fiction and Reality – with titles of pieces such as Los Andes, Peru, Landscape and Precious metals in exchange for contaminated water – a recording as colorful as the countries of this continent”.

Jazznu RINUS VAN DER HEIJDEN, August 2020, NL

“Whereas with the Celano/Baggiani the Amsterdam im-pro, jazz and Argentine roots predominate, the main focus here is on the rock side of Celano’s musical universe. The nice thing about it is that he is a gifted blacksmith melody so that the music on this debut album, “Fiction And Reality”, always remains accessible”.

Jazz Flits, Herman te Loo, July 2020, NL


About “Lili & Marleen” CleanFeed 2018
Lili 928 KB

“This is smart and interesting music. Modern jazz with a very open perspective.
The three artists meet for a wonderful journey through the land of music, touching on a number of musical influences through their compositions, and adding joyous improvisations welcoming other cultures and people and sounds into their idiom. The music is genre-bending, with little tunes and compositions that sound vaguely familiar, as if taken from our common unconscious and reformated into something more modern and exciting.” Stef Gijssels, january 2019 Free jazz Blog (****1/2)

“The sound of Joachim Badenhorst is undoubtedly original, seamlessly integrating texture and “matière”. The sound of the trio is almost like their presence itself, deeply human. Together, they create a unique music world in which we can trip through time amid our own emotions”. Sightsong, Japan, december 2018

“Their catchy tempos and deep melodic reveries present an approachable demeanor, but it isn’t long before wild divergences and curious eruptions of volatility take over, leaving a paradoxical amalgamation of just what is what.  The resulting confusion is the source of this album’s charm.  The perpetual challenge of reconciling the embraceable passages with those more abrupt and acerbic is a limitless source of fun and intrigue.”Birth is the worm, Dave Sumner, U.S.A. december 2018.

‘Lili & Marleen’ is a beautiful continuation of a discography that these gentlemen can be proud of. The new album, which is released by the Portuguese label Clean Feed, elaborates on previous work, but it all sounds more intense, compact and mature. The trio is perfectly capable of turning inside out a famous song  like Lili Marleen (the WW II classic ‘Lili Marleen’)… Herman Te Loo, JazzFlits sept 2018, NL.


About Wild Man Conspiracy “Short Stories”

páginas sueltas web-04

Downbeat(USA) editor’s pick January  2017 (Short Stories)

“intriguing! Taking the listener somewhere completely new The band is clearly centered in the present All the material reflects an artistic approach that emphasizes the importance of the collective over individual contributions”


About C.B.G’s Sixth album “Les Indignés”

disco CBG2 FINAL

“Les Indignés is so beautifully complex that it could be described in language a sommelier may use. There are moments of wistfulness that sit apart from grooves and occasional free blowing and shredding guitar. Five of the eight compositions are quite lengthy and thus open themselves to the patient development of ideas and alternative directions. Some of the ironies that are baked into the composition titles, play themselves out in the paradoxical paths the music follows. As that sommelier might say, the music breathes with life”.

KARL ACKERMANNmay 2016, All About Jazz.

“A CD that Largely meets all the expectations of a jubilee CD and certainly will be one of the most interesting jazz releases of 2016. The music never loses its heat , impressionistic collective passages are followed by powerful solos”.

Cyriel Pluimakers, Jazzenzo, march 2016.

“Their blend of diverse styles brims with suspense… The music tells a vivid story without any words. Enjoy!”

Jan Willem Broek, march 2016, subjectivist. nl

“You listen, as it were with the musicians, discovering what is possible in all within this combination of world-class musical personalities”

Herman te Loo, JazzFlits No 255, march 2016.

About C.B.G’s fifth album”Erasing Borders”

“Erasing Borders, seven Celano compositions reflecting the human and ecological consequences of our lifestyle. Unlike obvious musical propagandists like Phil Ochs or Frederic Rzewski, Celano doesn’t use lyrics or melodrama to make his point. Instead his writing is concerned with nuance and suggestion. Badenhorst’s plaintive clarinet offers one response to “Requiem for a Dying Planet” while slashing guitar flanges provide a bellicose challenge. Buzzing guitar reverb and knob-twisting on “Paranoid” doesn’t extend to industrial-strength licks; the drum-guitar partnership that has characterized C.B.G. from its beginnings provide eventual relief as Baggiani’s tick- tock tones join Celano’s fluid pumps for a “Reveille”- like release. “War for Peace and Oil” builds from a spacious introduction to intense guitar clips and double-tongued clarinet buzzes, suggesting the parameters of steadily worsening global challenges”.

Ken Waxman, New York City Jazz Record. May 2016

“Celano spices his cohesive compositions with stylistic quirks, creating intensely melodic and refreshing frameworks for improvisation – a rare gift…”Amsterdamse Chacarera” mixes chacarera with Dutch new jazz – Argentine melancholy and nuevo tango make for a surging apotheosis of dance”…

The Wire. Andy Hamilton, United Kingdom, july 2015

“A volcano that erupts over and over again, mother nature constantly exploding into new forms. Replace the volcano with music and you get the same effect, at least if you listen to CBG: the Celano / Baggiani Group. Erasing Borders is an amalgam of different styles, which are connected by the far-reaching improvisational art of the four performers. Without exaggeration, you may call the C.B.G. a “star line-up”.

JazzNu, Rinus van der Heijden, Nederland, juny 2015

“Erasing Borders is C.B.G.’s  fifth album, and testament to their maturity as a unit”….

Dalston Sound, Tim Owen, United Kingdom, july 2015.

“Impetuous jazz with an statement… Imaginative, with compositions influenced by improv and displaying the individual qualities of the quartet”.

Jazzenzo, Nederlands, june 2015 by Erno Elsinga.

“This is both Argentine and Amsterdam music, that much is clear… “Erasing Borders” is a varied album, with heavy grooves, rough tenor saxophone solos and electronic pedals violence alongside graceful, playful and funny moments”.

Herman te Loo, JazzFlits, Nederland, June 2015.


With Lily’s déjà vu


CD Review

by Kurt Gottschalk

“… over the course of seven pieces they shake things up a fair bit.
… In Europe the German-born Laubrock has been mining heavier
musics with the intriguingly named Lily’s Déjâ Vu.”


“The group plays with all the codes of modernity bypassing its cumbersome signifiers and they enjoy a freedom of tone that  one can nothing but praise: Their mix of rock/impro/jazz pleased the ears because of its substantial content and because they never loose the essence of the matter”
ImproJazz (France) – David Cristol – Sept 2014


VPRO, concert review.
“This international band keeps the sound of avant garde alive. Lily seems to be the most marvelous Déjà vu to have”  (Internationaal gezelschap houdt avant garde) klanken levend
VPRO, 4 oktober 2013, Maarten de Waal


“Lily’s Déjà Vu is a pearl in the landscape of improvisation”

Live at Paradox, Tilburg, 2 oktober ’, Jazzenzo, Rinus van der Heijden


Jazzism, CD review. ****1/2

“The themes are pushing, encouraging the improvisation work.
The outcome is a fat and sneaky sound with great dynamic contrasts and a nice continuity in the solos… and, as they proved in the October tour, they have room for even more intensity.”

KenVos – Nov./Dec. 2013


An interview with Lily’s déjà vu


lilys interview 126-9-13 hoogR


Enola (BE), CD review.
Lily’s Déjà Vu can not be called ‘average’, the musicians gladly step out of the conventions; but thanks to the extensive compositions, the inventive playing and its many catchy moments, ‘Music From Another Ass’ becomes an album that can appeal to a quite wide public. As long as that public is willing to do a little effort and move their asses along.

Guy Peters – Enola, Belgium, 11 december 2013


Caleidoscoop, December 19, 2013. CD review.

Lily’s Déjà Vu is a quartet of exceptional musicians. On paper, this is already an interesting international crowd, however their CD Music From Another Ass speaks for itself. Even more important is that the four keep up the tension bow from beginning to end, driving you to see the music as an exciting movie .

by Jan Willem Broek

North Sea Jazz Composition assignment 2013

Live at Bimhuis  – Jazz ****
“From almost unfathomable abysmal orgy to peaceful interaction…”
Jan Jasper Tamboer – Het Parool – 12/7/13

Live at Lantaren Venster  – Jazz ****
“The best jazz composers create the most beautiful music on the spot.
Guitarist Celano is the winner of the North sea jazz composition assignment this year… Celano has a subtle, singing guitar sound and his compositions shine in their kindness.
His ten year old band with drummer Marcos Baggiani recently changed the lineup… New are bassist Clemens van der Feen and Belgian reed player Joachim Badenhorst and It appears as a golden combination.
Celano writes tight. In most of the pieces there is a strange bridge, break, melodic quirk, rhythmic delay or acceleration, making his band members and the audience pay full attention to the music.
The music hosts an incredible freedom in the compositions, leaving enough space for the band members to express their idiosyncratic and intriguing ways of making music. The tension keeps you through out the concert at the edge of your seat…”
Tim Sprangers – de Volkskrant – 12 july 2013


Music Kitchen 2011


C.B.G Featuring Michael Moore, Ellery Eskelin and Sylvie Courvoisiser.

Live at the Bimhuis, oct 2011

(C/B Group) is able to steer their music in such a way that a transition from ballad to hard rock feels completely natural. They mix structure with improvisation and have proven to be very good at it, in a sense that they connect virtuosity and musical knowledge with adventurousness. On one improvisation the C/B Group was leading the herd, it was fantastic: build up like thieves in the night, sneaking into a house – once inside and out of view they go completely wild, turning everything upside down, leaving a mess behind.

Maartje den Breejen. Het Parool, 14/10 2011

Live at the Bimhuis, oct 2011

Exciting and very musical cutting edge impro music”… Celano’s tasteful and harmonious accompaniment using beautifully spacious chords, evoking an almost cinematic sound…add to that the modest though accurate bass playing of Schuster and the varied drum play of Baggiani and the result is a remarkably musical and subtle rhythm-section for the most qualitative impro music.

This meeting was very successful…a real feast! Celano’s compositions were the perfect basis for the lyrical performance of Michael Moore and Ellery Eskelin as well as the intensive piano playing of Sylvie.

Draai om je oren, Jacques Los. 24 oktober 2011

Live at Paradox

…the intensity blew everyone away from the very start. The colorful compositions of the Celano/Baggiani Group were intrinsically humorous. The sextet found themselves on the same wavelength almost immediately and at times things really came together creating many goosebump moments…

The delighting contrasts in timbre of Moore and Eskelin, the well tuned tandem Courvoisier-Eskelin, the energizing rhythms of Baggiani, Celano’s broad palette of techniques and timbres; all these characteristics transformed the concert into a great musical night, a succes!!

Tim Sprangers – Volkskrant. Live at Paradox. 7 oktober 2011


CD reviews


5 stars!
Ken Vos – Jazzism, may/june 2011
...all the pieces create intensely melodic, unobvious structures for
A.Hamilton – The wire – United Kingdom, October 2011.

Emblematic of New Dutch Swing, the group boasts a mercurial
mélange of styles that is as diverse as the ethnic backgrounds of its
personnel….Celano and Baggiani’s respective knack for integrating multiple genres into a cohesive writing style facilitates a wide spectrum of sonic possibilities.
With their first decade now behind them, Celano and Baggiani have
demonstrated persistent creativity worthy of greater acclaim. Alienology is an exceptional offering of sophisticated modern jazz and a noteworthy album by any measure. 
Troy Collins – pointofdeparture – Issue 35 – USA, June 2011
Their 4th CD is a ruff melange of lovely melodies, driving rock and
free jazz; full of beautiful fragments thanks to the fine grooves of M.
Baggiani, excellent team work of the reeds (M. Moore and G. Benitez) and sofisticated accompaniment of G. Celano.
Tim Sprangers – Volkskrant- Nederland- januari 2011

“The aliens seem to have landed in the heads of the Celano Baggiani Group whom thankfully used their influence for they have created a new science. Let’s hope that this ‘new science’ will give us many more splendid albums like this one”.
 Jazzenzo, Rinus van der Heijden. Nederland, 13 januari 2011
…the Celano/Baggiani Group has proven to be a vital and playful
quintet with a surprisingly clear sound”
Mischa Andriessen – Jazzmozaïek 3/2011 – Wilrijk-Antwerpen Belgium
Frightening, psychedelic, alien!
Alienology has the unusual merit of being unclassifiable. It proposes
another mindset, another connection between the music and the listener … a powerful intergalactic trip. (4stars).
Marcos Maggi – Cuadernos de Jazz – Spain, junio 2011
Nous avions découvert et présenté ce quintette original, co-dirigé par
deux Argentins d’Amsterdam, dans notre Vitrine d’avril 2009. Voici une nouvelle réalisation très soignée, tant par la qualité de l’écriture que par celle de l’interprétation, de l’équilibre des instruments et du son d’ensemble. Contrastes, alliages originaux, finesse et subtilité, sans parler des espaces où chacun apporte sa voix soliste, en particulier celle du toujours remarquable Michael Moore qui trouve ici un cadre parfaitement propice à son jeu.
Jean Buzelin – culture jazz – France, june 2011
…You hear on Alienology first-rate compositions, strong
improvisations, catchy and sometimes exotic themes, inspired solos and a nice combination of muscle and refinement. This is simply a very good record.        
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Guy Peters – Nederland- DraaiOmJeOren, 18 april 2011.

The CBG puts your fantasy to work from the beginning of the album
to the end. …the Group also displays a powerjazz where you can
shout: yeah!
Jazzism. Eddy Determeyer – Nederland – November 2011.

Oh, this is free jazz of the highest order!
‘Alienology’ is an adventure that you as a listener, thrilling of excitement, wantto share…The CD offers plenty of variety, the refinement makes room to heavy rock and everything falls into place within turbulent improvisations. 
Hans Invernizzi – Nederland – Jazzflits nr. 152, 14 february 2011.
Composed and improvised parts vary one after the other, so that the
CBG can effortlessly switch over from shocking freejazz sounds to
knocking rock. This fourth album is chock-full of strong moments made by all members separately and jointly.Gonzo Circus. Arjan van Sorge – Belgium – (juni 2011).
Nothing Changes
“Nothing changes” 2008 Trytone records
n the nourished battalion of Argentine musicians based on Europe, a relevant place fits without a doubt to Guillermo Celano and Marcos Baggiani… “Nothing Changes”, their third CD captured our attention. … Is full of melodies apparently simple that they understand, however, a great complexity. It is very original how the development of the parts happen through a collective interplaying of the winds and the guitar. The improvisation is very much present, but it does not follow the conventional canons of the solo after solo rotation, it really becomes an integral part of the composition. As much that it is difficult to draw a net line between the written parts and the invention of the moment (a doubtless value that attests the perfect cohesion of the quintet). 
A great album!” (4/5 stars).
Paolo Peviani, All About Jazz. Italy, may 2009.
¨Like in a good poetry book, the first track on this CD summarized the upcoming beauty…(5/5 stars) 
Remco Takken, Jazzism. Eindhoven, Netherland. February 2009.“
…Nothing Changes, that is what they suggest. It doesn’t mean that the personal experience and the guts are missing, on the contrary, it is actually because of these two elements that the music takes different directions. Passages with lyrical-melodical contents follow by a more experimental section; harmonic inventions are placed by the sax players and the guitarist whereupon the bassist and the drummer again anticipate and point out the new direction the music will follow”. ….”Nothing Changes becomes an adventure, the quintet is openning the doors to a refined and accessible music”.
Rinus van der Heijden. Jazz magazine Jazzenzo. Amsterdam 31 january 2009.

“…They offer a sophisticated music, fine, charming, melodious and open, where any aggression is banned. The compositions, refined, subtle and open, are magnified by the sensitive and joyful playing of the guitarist, and enriched by the presence of the great clarinet (and sax-alto) Michael Moore, who brings much more than his experience; his counter-melodies and songs are a delight to follow”
JB – CultureJazz – France, Mayo 2009.

“Nothing changes is their third album. The musical contribution of the different members is mixed in a refined and harmonic way”. 
Het Parool, Maartje den Breejen. Amsterdam 14 january 09.
 “This Cd has accomplished many things and has no weak points. It sounds fresh and innovative, deep and accurated at the same time. The compositions are strong and original, the tension never drops. The Cd has a great sound and it is for sure one of the best cds of the year.”
El Club del disco. may 2009, Buenos aires Argentina.
“Live at Paradox 19/9/08 “The Celano Baggiani Group left us astonished. This quartet built around a guitarist and a drummer from Argentina begins from simple melodic ideas. From there it grows slowly towards a whole exciting and complex music, which at the same time remains still melodic”. 
Kindamuzik, Sven Schlijper; Tilburg 24-09-08
…the quintet is playful and lightfooted. The song Chacareta dances elegantly and flies away around the corner with Celano’s guitar experiments. In Antiglobalismo, Celano’s roots rise the most …with a beautiful Baggiani’s drum work and the always appealing sound of Moore. …the horns blend very good together, the sensitive tone of Moore and the broad sound of Benitez keep each other in balance”. 
Herman te Loo, Jazz Magazine “JazzFlits nummer 111″. Amsterdam, 2-02- 09.

Live at Bimhuis 18/9/08 “The quartet of Amsterdam-based Argentinians Guillermo Celano and Marcos Baggiani played a beautiful set… like the tune No Moe from Sonny Rollins that was vividly deconstructed or the wonderful poetic version of the old (film) hit Ojos Verdes from 1929 with a very tasteful string and pedal playing of Celano.”
Franz van Leeuwen, NRC – Amsterdam 19-09-08

About Big Grin:

¨Guillermo Celano is an interesting new guitarist in the dutch scene. He comes from Argentina and mixes melodies from his homeland with improvised noise and crosswise accents….¨

Remco Takken, Jazzism. Eindhoven, februari 2009.

“… One of the finest findings of the year”.

Gonzo Circus. Brussels, september 2009.

“Their first CD is a prove of their curiosity and originality “.

Rinus van der Heijden, Jazzenzo. Tilburg September 2009.


Simple Songs (MDR 2006)


Simple Songs is a very mature CD”…. “A strong nostalgic atmosphere rich in sounds and colours”….”the guitar plays open and long chords opening different spaces”…”With a little bit of distorsion during the solos Celano can cut through and been lirical at the same time; he can fly out of the tonality and come back with the right timing”….

La Nacion. Buenos Aires, Argentine. 08-2008

“A few beautiful original tunes and a couple of well known tunes. G. Celano’s and Michael Moore’s ideas have made a refreshing and pleasing oasis of this album”

Esteban Sehinkman, El intruso. Buenos Aires March 2007.

Concert Review:

…….”The Celano Baggiani Group left us astonished. This quartet built around a guitarist and a drummer from Argentina begins from simple melodic ideas. From there it grows slowly towards a whole exciting and complex music, which at the same time remains still melodic”.

KindaMuzik: Sven Schlijper; Tilburg 24 September.


Figuras (BAU records 2004)


“G. Celano and M. Baggiani… have done a CD where apparently simple ideas create the space for sophisticated developments, colored by the reminiscence of tango and folk rhythms” Jonio 

 González, Cuadernos de Jazz – Madrid, Spain may / June 2006

“Figuras… introduces through its strong harmonies, rhythms and colors from the Argentinean folk and tango, with a wide space for improvisation”

Telam, Edición Nacional – Digital Edition 17-02-2006.


Other reviews

With Narcissus:
“…Voordat het stuk naar een ferme climax ging kreeg gitarist Guillermo Celano ruimte voor een individuele improvisatie. Die vulde hij smaakvol in ondersteund door forse vervorming en gedoseerde kras– en piepgeluiden. Celano bouwde veel van zijn solo’s rond raak gekozen akkoorden en spon die dan met grote intervallen uit…”

Mischa Beckers, Jazzenzo. Middelburg, 7 maart 2010.

With Stefan Lievestro sextet:

“Ook het laatste stuk bleek een sterke compositie met fraai uitgesponnen rietweefsels en een mooie gitaarsolo van de jonge Argentijn Celano, die ik bij deze tip als de toekomstige ‘Messi’ van de jazzgitaar…”

Gerard Hoekmeijer, Den Helder Actueel, 25 april 2010.



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