Wild Man Conspiracy

Wild Man Conspiracy

Guillermo Celano – guitar/effects
Gerard Kleijn – trompet, flugelhorn, voice, effects
Joost Kesselaar – drums

Irreverent improvising Dutch trio explores sonic possibilities and pushes limits of interplay.

Red Piano Records/USA

Wild Man Conspiracy treks through the jungle of free music – wild untraceable free improvisations reach out to superhuman efforts. Tempi that break out, individual rambles, unruly treatment for instruments; these elements are keystones to a musical undertaking that can scarcely be compared with anything already done in this field.

Jazznu.com (NL) / Rinus van der Heijden (April 2015 )

We already knew that Celano can go places with his FX equipment, but the use of electronic by Gerard Kleijn is even more effective than what one’s used to from for instance Nils Petter Molvaer or Jon Hassel. The nice feature of WMC is that almost every listener will have different associations with it

Jazzism (NL)/Ken Vos (May 2015)****

Guitarist Guillermo Celano, trumpeter Gerard Kleijn and Joost Kesselaar are established names on the Dutch jazz and improvisation scene. Put them together in a room and something happens. And as can be expected of better jazz: they never know quite what will happen in advance.

aVolkskrant(NL)/Gijsbert Kamer (June 2015)***


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